Site specific intervention at Lothringer13 Halle
Pre-spaced vinyl decals

With the contribution of Andrea Vaselá

Reflecting on the title of the exhibition “I did not see it coming”, a text was written, the verses of which have been scattered throughout Lothringer 13 Halle space.

(ITA)Riflettendo sul titolo della mostra "I did not see it coming", è stato scritto un testo i cui versi sono stati sparsi nello spazio di Lothringer 13 Halle

that my home street would become a battlefield
that I would let myself get abused under full consciousness
that my belief would hurt your body
that I would sweat in a tunnel
that a sand storm would take us down
that my silence would protect my family and get people hurt
and my brother became a fascist
and I was pushing you down
and I gave you drugs
and a dictatorship was being established
and the water was covering your nose
and we were in too much of a hurry
when I didn’t take a stand
when we weren’t partisans but indifferent
when the aid would become a weapon
because I wanted to see it coming
is the silence afterwards